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Format: 2010-01-30
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Format: 2010-01-30
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Imperial Rama

Level 2, Highlands Hotel, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang
+603-6101 1118 
+603-6105 2929
Type Restaurant
Cuisine Chinese, Thai
Website Official Website
Imperial Rama Restaurant1
Festival Restaurants

The regally-named Imperial Rama lies nestled away at the Highlands Hotel amongst the cloud-capped hills of Genting Highlands. The elegant décor lends this fine dining restaurant an air of exclusiveness, further enhanced by the scores of well-known entertainers that have wined and dined here. A combination of Thai and Chinese cuisine is served in a spacious and comfortable environment.
The secret to Imperial Rama’s dazzling cuisine is its perfect balance of the two cultures that inspire it; for every Chinese influence in a delicacy, there is a hint of Thai sophistication that doesn’t just complement the recipe but enhances it as well. This marriage of two culinary legacies produces an extraordinary gastronomic experience that’s at once familiar and unique.
The two expansive private dining rooms located adjacent to each other at the front of the restaurant are perfect for large dinner parties or entertaining business clients, each coming equipped with flat screens and sound systems. Imperial Rama also boasts an eclectic selection of premium old world to moderate new world wines.

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