Style Rocks!
Malaysia’s biggest fine-dining festival reaches its mid-point, and there’s no better way to kick it up a notch than by having a huge fashion fiesta
Posted Monday, 24/10/2011 at 15:37 PM
Malaysia’s biggest fine-dining festival reaches its mid-point, and there’s no better way to kick it up a notch than by having a huge fashion fiesta

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011 alongside the Melium Group presented what is undoubtedly one of the hottest celebrations of style and fashion of the year – Style Rocks! The spectacle marks the midway point of the fine-dining festival, and what better way to celebrate great food than with great style?

 Mr Dimitri Pantazaras, Dato' Farah Khan, Datin Su, Dato Steve Day, Datin Kwee See, and Dato' Thong Kok Khee

Carmen Soo, Albert Nico and Elaine Daly 

Hansen Lee, Lexie De ROdriguez and Dominic Lau 

Providing the venue for the event, EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound at Sunway Lagoon Resort became the hottest and most happening spot in town for the beautiful people of KL. With the likes of former Miss Universe Malaysia titleholder Elaine Daly, popular songbird Noryn Aziz and Channel V VJ Dominic Lau making waves in their garments of glam and individuality, it was a night of style set to great music.

Serving as a culinary break from a good half-month of fine dining, Style Rocks! brought together celebrities and friends of the festival for a night of fashion glitz.

And this was made especially true with the 13 finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia working the catwalk and accompanying MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day onto the stage to give a few words.

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we’re celebrating the natural connection between haute couture and haute cuisine. Between fine food, high fashion and having fun,” he said to the thousand-strong crowd that filled the nightclub. “The food capitals of the world and the fashion capitals of the world are very much the same. London, Paris, New York, Milan and, can I say... Kuala Lumpur?” he continued, to which the crowd cheered in unanimous agreement.

Dato’ Steve Day went on to joke, “But a few words of warning about mixing food and fashion. If you eat too much, ladies, you’re not going to be able to wear that wonderful dress you just bought. And guys, if you eat too much, you won’t be getting into your own pants, nevermind anybody else’s,” quoting Jay Leno.

Melium Group President and all-round fashion queen Dato’ Farah Khan then took to the stage in her standout ensemble, which included an attention-grabbing police officer’s hat, to reveal a surprise for the evening – the catwalk was for a fashion show featuring friends of the Melium Group.

The Friends of Melium walk included celebrities, fashion icons and friends of the industry strutting their stuff on the runway to showcase the latest offerings by the Melium Group, with local celebrities like Datuk Chef Wan, DJ Goldfish, Arabyrd and Andrea Fonseka working what they’ve got to roof-busting cheers all around.

Though being a break from gourmet cuisine, the event was far from starved of delicious offerings. With a seemingly endless supply of Magnum ice cream being handed out – platters being brought all around with perfectly unmelted packets of chocolate and vanilla goodness – no one could resist giving in to the temptation.

And speaking of temptation, with a festival sponsor like Kronenbourg, you can expect the event to be anything but dry. Offering the finest of German beer, it was free flow for guests throughout the night.

It was truly a spectacular evening of glitz and glamour, with Style Rocks! having once again shown the perfect marriage of food and fashion. And now that that’s over, it’s time to loosen those fashionable belts again and continue on with the month’s fine-dining experience with MIGF 2011.


Written by Aizyl Azlee

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