Phua Chu Kang And Friends!
Everyone’s favourite contractor with the yellow boots, big mole and even bigger hair is back to tickle funny bones
Posted Monday, 06/03/2017 at 10:27 AM
Everyone’s favourite contractor with the yellow boots, big mole and even bigger hair is back to tickle funny bones

We last saw him when he hosted the now legendary Laugh Die You comedy shows (all five of them!) and now he’ll be returning in his very own, side-splitting venture alongside a few special friends. The ah beng contractor known as Phua Chu Kang is putting on an exclusive, one-night-only show, brought to you by Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd so if you want to see why he is known as the best in Singapore, JB and now KL, don’t miss this show!

Phua Chu Kang and Friends will be staged live at the HGH Convention Centre on 7 April at 7pm where the audience can also expect to be serenaded by Kang in between banter – Gurmit Singh, the Punjabi-Chinese-Japanese actor who plays Kang, is after all a professional singer.

Singh’s full time acting career came to a close in 2014, after having spent 20 years with Singapore's largest broadcaster MediaCorp where he became the star of Gurmit’s World and then the Singlish-based sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd. The yellow-booted character has since become a popular icon around the region, with Singh having garnered multiple awards throughout the years.

“Most of us grew up watching Phua Chu Kang and have grown to love the larger-than-life character. Many of us who used to watch the popular TV sitcom with our families are now parents ourselves. Hence, we think it is a good idea to bring back the contractor who claims to be the best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam, for the whole family to enjoy,” said Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd Director Erik Ong adding that Kang is still popular today, 20 years after debuting in September 1997.

The show will also be introducing veteran in the entertainment scene and Singapore’s funniest ventriloquist, Joseph Then. His unique act incorporates innovative ventriloquism with a hilarious (but clean!) sense of humour, ideal for the whole family. The chemistry between him and his sometimes antagonistic puppets is guaranteed to have you rolling in the aisles.

Also on the bill is Singaporean funny-man Fakkah Fuzz, who has earned a reputation for firing off jokes at breakneck pace, some of which may cause a few eyebrows to raise. His appearance at this gig will be 100% kosher though, naturally without losing any of its charm or wit. Hot off the heels of his recent solo comedy show, In Fuzz We Trust at the Singapore Comedy Fringe 2016, the Fuzz is going from strength to strength and is set for a cracking set in KL.

Rounding out the show will be Malaysian up-and-coming singer/songwriter Kael, backed by his Gangsar Squad. Kael champions a soulful and honest sound, blurring the lines between pop, R&B and soul.

Finally, the icing on the cake comes in the form of fun game intervals with attractive prizes up for grabs. If you were lucky enough to attend any of the Laugh Die You shows, then you’ll know that Popcorn Studios are far from stingy with their offerings. You might have to work for it though, and it might be in front of an audience! Either way, it’s family fun the whole way through so don’t be shy.

Phua Chu Kang Comedy Show
WHERE HGH Convention Centre
WHEN 7pm (7 April)

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