Modi & Rosa Says Ciao!
Fresh on the dining scene, this cheerful ristorante serves up legitimate Italian fare and fine wines
Posted Wednesday, 01/03/2017 at 8:57 AM
Fresh on the dining scene, this cheerful ristorante serves up legitimate Italian fare and fine wines

It is often said that the Italians have passion running through their veins, a statement this dapper gentleman easily justifies. Cavaliere Modesto Marini is not one to rest on his laurels, and certainly not one to allow his talents to be squandered. He let loose the authentic staples of Italy at his namesake establishment – Modesto’s – some two decades ago, specialising in the traditional Italian thin crust pizza which became an instant sensation.

More recently, he cut the ribbon at two restaurants under his command, namely Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8. These decidedly lavish spots, with addresses right in the city centre, soon found themselves high on the list of go-to fine dining destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

The wonderful Italian flair at Modi & Rosa is palpable, infused with clues to the restaurant's ethos of passion, pride and famiglia   

His latest efforts, which culminated in a new dining spot at the Glo Damansara mall, have gone down a subtly different route. While Marini’s may compel you to don a suit and tie for that special occasion, Modi & Rosa invites you to loosen that tie – or better yet, do away with it altogether! Casual is the predominant theme in the air here, together with hearty helpings of homely Italian hospitality.

Cavaliere Modesto Marini (left) and H.E. Mario Sammartino grace the Italian map with their signatures, signifying the launch of the new restaurant 

The Italian credentials of Modi & Rosa has even earned the approval of H.E. Mario Sammartino, the Italian ambassador to Malaysia, who said, “My task is to promote the Italian way of life; Modesto has done this in practical terms for years in this country and city – and this new restaurant is a perfect slice of Italy!”

The waitstaff, a peppy and heedful bunch, are seen here introducing the menu items after performing to Dean Martin's 'That's Amore' during the launch 

It is indeed where you would take your entire family to be fed to bursting with lovely Italian meals, while being showered with levels of care and attention from staff that would make an Italian mama proud. The menu is populated with the usual suspects including a comprehensive range of antipasti, pizza and pasta, as well as meats, soups, and of course, dolce. A dedicated kids menu means the little ones aren’t forgotten too.

There are more than a dozen pizzas, prepared the traditional way, to pleasure your tastebuds with

“All our recipes are from Italy, and all our dishes are cooked exactly the way Italians have been doing it for centuries. We do not alter the recipes or methods of preparation in any way, it is just pure goodness – fresh and hearty food that all Italians are brought up on,” reveals Modesto.

There is no shortage of tempting pastas either, each recipe brimming with authentic flavours 

If that is not enough, a detailed wine and liquor selection, coupled with the laidback tone afforded by armchairs and bar stools, make for the perfect venue for a get together with close friends and associates. A house specialty, there are bottle after bottle of imported whites and reds, which share the beverage list with other distilled and brewed alcoholic favourites. A generous happy hour period of 3pm-9pm makes the meetup that much merrier.

The wine collection on display provides an indication of how seriously the drink from the vine is taken at Modi & Rosa  

Nurturing the bond among the people close to you is something Modesto champions, and is an underlying impetus to the creation of Modi & Rosa. “We all get caught up with our jobs, and sometimes we need to be reminded of the most important things in life, relationships. The worst thing would be to wake up one day and regret not having taken the time to spend with those who we care about,” he explains. “So it was decided that we need a place for not only friends to enjoy, but a place where you could bring the whole famiglia.”

Comfortable seating defines the bar area, which can be sectioned off from the main restaurant if needed

As with the attentive service, an inviting ambience can be encountered at every corner of Modi & Rosa, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer to have a seat in the main restaurant, the bar area or at the al fresco section, it is a given that you will have an amazing, Italian-flavoured time!

Modi & Rosa Italian Dining & Wine Bar
WHERE Lot LG 06-07, Glo Damansara mall, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 10am-10pm
RESERVATION 03 7733 1719 

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