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Touching down upon the waterfront of beautiful Putrajaya is the brand new Skyrides Festivals Park
Posted Wednesday, 03/06/2015 at 9:35 AM
Touching down upon the waterfront of beautiful Putrajaya is the brand new Skyrides Festivals Park

The balloon has landed! Touching down upon the waterfront of beautiful Putrajaya is the brand new Skyrides Festivals Park, a family-friendly theme park that brings together the best of land, water and sky over various zones for an amazing all-terrain adventure.

Zone A: Skyrides Balloon
Soar up, up and away on Malaysia’s first biggest tethered helium balloon ride, said to be among the highest in the world with a flying height of 120m. The enormous balloon rests upon a star-shaped platform in Putrajaya Lake and ascends with a maximum of 30 people at 15-minute intervals, complete with a recorded commentary for an informative yet exhilarating experience. Daytime affords gorgeous 360-degree views of the Garden City for a distance of up to 50km, but it’s at night that the landscape turns truly magical with buildings spectacularly lit up against the darkened sky. Weather conditions do affect flight schedules so keep an eye on the forecast.

Zone B: SkyWarrior
Also set on the waterfront, this rainforest-inspired obstacle challenge is modelled after the highly popular Ninja Warrior TV series. Test your physical ability against six difficult obstacles, each named after different areas of Malaysia for their natural terrain features. Success will reward you with bragging rights and a certificate of accomplishment, while failure will see you meet a soggy end.

By far the most difficult of the six is the Danum Valley, where participants must run and catch a rope dangling from the top of the tall curved wall, then use it to pull themselves up. The whole course is said to rank about a five on a scale of one to 10 and there are plans to make it harder still, so beat it early before it turns into a real monster!

Zone C: SkyDemo
If you’ve ever wanted to see how beautiful Malaysian handicraft is made, now is your chance. Traditional arts such as batik, woodcarving, pottery, flower pressing and more are regularly showcased here by talented local craftspeople, so don’t miss the opportunity to watch a master at work.

Zone D: SkyKids
A haven for children aged 2-10, the SkyKids section is an air-conditioned facility with colourful rubber mats, a bouncy castle and all the toys a kid could ever want. There is space to run around on the green outside, and activities such as bubble blowing and a playground will keep your children occupied for hours while you enjoy yourself in the park!

Zone E: SkyTaste
Going up in a balloon, running around on an obstacle course and exploring the festival grounds can work up an appetite, especially on a hot sunny day. Stay energetic and hydrated with snacks and refreshments from the quirky stands and enjoy some local treats like three-layered pudding in a cup.

Zone F: SkyGallery
Built in the style of a traditional Malay wooden home, the SkyGallery is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for mementos of your visit to the Skyrides Festivals Park or some great local gifts for friends and family. Try your hand at spinning a Malaccan gasing (top), put on some Sabahan jewellery, or take home a SkyRide Balloon miniature set. As per Malay custom, don’t forget to take off your shoes before you enter.

Zone G: SkyCruise
Architectural marvels dot the landscape of Putrajaya and what better way to enjoy them than via a relaxing cruise upon the scenic lake? Tickets can be purchased at the Skyrides Centre with additional choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner packages, and regular cruises depart every 30-40 minutes from the jetty. Balloon rides may be included in your package for an all-round experience.

Zone H: SkyStage
It’s about to get hot in here and we don’t mean the weather! This 1,000-capacity SkyStage is where all the magic happens as some of the best local and international performances descend upon the Skyrides Festivals Park. Get set for a thrilling time with singalong sessions, concerts, live shows, meet-and-greet opportunities and more.

Zone I: SkyArt
Art lovers, prepare to spend hours here as you take in a showcase of works by some of Malaysia’s most creative minds. From modern contemporary art to traditional tribal pieces, a great variety of styles, themes and mediums are explored here by veteran artists and rising young talents alike as they take you on a journey of the senses.

Skyrides Festivals Park
WHERE Jalan P2M, Presint 2, Putrajaya
OPEN 10am-10pm daily
ADMISSION Free park entrance, ticket prices vary according to attraction



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