Laced With Love
Sutra Foundation’s Amorous Delight returns to enamour audiences this month
Posted Monday, 27/02/2017 at 9:22 AM
Sutra Foundation’s Amorous Delight returns to enamour audiences this month

The palm leaf, or pothi, manuscript of the Amarushataka of Orissa contains some of the finest poetic verses to exist in the annals of Sanskrit literature. These have led to magnificent illustrations over the ages, and when these were compiled by Dr Eberhard Fischer and Dr Dinanath Pathy and subsequently published under the title Amorous Delight in 2008, it would go on to inspire one of Sutra Foundation’s most alluring productions.

Taking its name from the publication, the show Amorous Delight first premiered on 20 July 2016, and such was the overwhelming response to it that Sutra now brings it to the stage for a highlyanticipated reprisal. Never one to rest on his laurels, Sutra’s Artistic Director Datuk Ramli Ibrahim has injected the production with new changes, helping to animate the palm leaf illustrations of the Amarushataka in ever more captivating ways.


The second season of the lyrical-dance production will feature the creative input of Malaysian fashion mogul and designer to the region’s celebrities Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran, whose new costume design merges seamlessly with the visual aesthetic of the choreography.

Award-winning visual artist Sivarajah Natarajan, an individual who has enriched countless Sutra productions with his nuanced understanding, oversees the lighting design which will amass to a visual feast of the highest order. His work manages to underscore but never overshadow the actions on stage.


What emerges from this collaboration is a thoroughly engaging contemporary dance theatre production, which brings together the classical dance form of odissi, the tradition of palm leaf painting, the lyrical poetry of Orissa, the expression of Sringara (erotic and romantic love) and bespoke music performed by a classical ensemble.

The Sutra Foundation’s endeavours to transcend the traditional and seamlessly venture into the realm of contemporary is perfectly captured by Amorous Delight, which aims to highlight the creativity of the past with the sensibilities of the future. With love at the heart of it, prepare to be caught up in the moment and swept away by a ravishing performance.

Amorous Delight
WHERE klpac
WHEN 7.30pm (15 March), 8.30pm (19 March)
TEL 03 4021 1092

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