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Exclusive establishments that take dining to new heights in the City of Entertainment
Posted Tuesday, 07/02/2017 at 10:18 AM
Exclusive establishments that take dining to new heights in the City of Entertainment

“Exciting things are happening at Resorts World Genting,” promise the roadside billboards that catch your eye as you ascend ever higher into the clouds. It’s easy to put faith into these words, with the opening date of the highly-anticipated 20th Century Fox Theme Park drawing closer, along with other surprises in the pipeline.

In the meantime, there is plenty to be enthused about at Genting, including the spanking new Awana SkyWay cable car system that provides incredible vistas of the verdant hillside and the SkyAvenue concept mall that aims to cater for every taste.

‘Taste’ takes literal connotations too as it is here that you will find a veritable smorgasbord of dining selections from the world over, some of which you won’t see anywhere else in the country – such as these palate pleasers that substantiate a trip up to the peak, even if it’s just for a delectable mouthful!


Striking and inviting in generous measures, the facade of Motorino beckons passers-by 

We put countless pizza slices between our teeth every year, but how many of those come from authentic pies made in accordance with traditional Neapolitan standards? Well, here’s your chance to up that number, as New York darling pizza maker Motorino brings the unmistakable taste of Naples to Malaysia!

The delightful Motorino ambiance has vintage American diner written all over it

The outlet at SkyAvenue is generously proportioned, noticeably larger than its brethren in Singapore and Hong Kong. Step into it and your eyes will be immediately set to work taking in the fetching décor, which is heavily inspired by retro American eateries. The menu is unequivocally Italian, however, from the antipasti to the dolci and gelato.

Whether you decide on the Arugula & Bresaola (centre) or its equally toothsome siblings, you will fight for the last slice!  

Their claim to fame is nicely varied in taste profiles, leaving you to decide from a collection of simple-to-adventurous pizze – Margherita, Del Popolo and Arugula & Bresaola among them – and 20 toppings.

The Italian wood-fired oven treatment imparts glorious Neapolitan characteristics on Motorino's pizze 

To seal in the flavours, your order will be cooked in wood-fired ovens (that are imported from Italy, no less!) right in front of your eyes. Pair it with a choice from the extensive beverage list, which ranges from soft drinks to terrific whites and reds.

WHERE Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting 
WHEN11am-10pm (Sun-Thur), 11am-12am (Fri-Sat)
TEL 03 6105 9182

Cafés Richard

Looking like it belongs on a Parisian postcard, Cafés Richard scores highly on first impressions  

There is now one definite place to head to for that soothing afternoon cuppa – Cafés Richard. This quaint brasserie, whose name should roll off the tongue as ‘Cafay Ri-Shar’, takes you to France even before your first sip thanks to the Parisian café ambience it exudes. There are no less than four seating zones that vie for your presence, including an al fresco section and an open, frangipani-shaped lounge that extends into the mall area.

Depending on what you prefer, you can enjoy your drink in the many settings accorded by the seating arrangements

The drink stewards are well informed indeed, and have an impeccable knack for acquainting you with the perfect beverage. Being the top coffee roaster in France, prepare for extraordinary attention to detail when it comes to bean selection and brewing methods, enough to impress even the most refined epicures. French Press, Chemex, Syphon and Cold Drip; the slow coffee is processed in ways so scientific, you almost expect the procedures to take place in a laboratory.

The Syphon is just one of the captivating methods slow coffee is brewed at Cafés Richard

Their decadent signature cocktails, which are invigorating mixes of caffeine and liquor, takes the coffee experience to new planes. Not a coffee fiend? Fret not as the elegantly-bound menu reveals other offerings, including lovely teas and further alcoholic options.

Delicious coffee cocktails like the French Genting and a meticulous assortment of appetising canapes are yours to relish!

Also on the pages of the comprehensive menu are breakfast and main course items, as well as sweet bites and savoury canapes for that consummate high tea!

WHERE Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting
WHEN 10am-10pm (Sun-Thur), 10am-12am (Fri-Sat)
TEL 03 6105 9197

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to showcasing what it does best

In just a few years, Burger & Lobster has grown into a hefty business that belies its humble beginnings in London, thanks to its top-drawer dishes. Franchisees created their own line beside customers, and soon outlets popped up worldwide. Its first Asian appearance sees it at Genting, and by all measures it is a brilliant addition to the SkyAvenue directory.

Reminiscent of classic fishermen's taverns, the decor features some charming touches, such as the replicas of traditional Nova Scotian lobster crates (far wall) 

The restaurant’s arrival to the region was highly anticipated, particularly by those who have sampled both the titular menu items at the establishment’s overseas addresses. Its unmissable entrance takes design cues from a lobster trap, prompting some to draw parallels with the fictional Krusty Krab, although it quickly becomes apparent that this is no mere fast food joint.

First to be noticed are scores of live lobsters in tanks as you walk in, but even they have to compete for your attention with the impressive decorations that sport nods to the celebrated dishes, the brand’s English roots, and its latest home. Flown in live from Nova Scotia and coddled all the way, the freshness of the lobster flesh is apparent in every mouthful, regardless of which scrumptious guise it assumes within the plate or bowl.

The Original, which put the brand on the map, can be had grilled or steamed, while the mouthwatering Chilli Lobster was born at this particular Burger & Lobster outlet! 

While the lobster rolls are immensely popular, the Chilli Lobster – a dish specially crafted for the Asian palate and one that made its debut here – is also a hot menu item. The Big Boy (catch of the day) doesn’t hang around either, and goes splendidly with the kitchen’s special lemon and garlic butter sauce.

Quite unsurprisingly, given how it excites tastebuds, the lobster roll is a perennial crowd favourite

Shifting the focus to the noun before the ampersand, those who opt for the Mayfair or the half-pound Original are rewarded with succulent, pure Australian beef and handmade buns.

A juicy piece of Australian beef cuddled by handmade buns; the Mayfair is a joy to consume

The bold may order the magnificent B&L Burger, which combines the two meats for an explosion of surf and turf flavours! Wash all of it down with one or two picks from the spectrum of drinks available, including some charming examples that pay homage to local favourites.

WHERE Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting
WHEN 10am-10pm (Sun-Thur), 10am-12am (Fri-Sat)
TEL 03 6105 9186

Datuk Edward Holloway is the Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations at Resorts World Genting, and is one of the main architects behind these extrinsic establishments showing up at the new mall.

"What a person finds at SkyAvenue is a sense of place. When dining at Burger & Lobster, the idea is to transport guests to locations of other established Burger & Lobster restaurants, like the one in Hampstead. When guests go to Motorino, we want them to feel transported to 1920s New York, with its bold brashness and colour. Cafés Richard gives customers a real taste of the Parisian café ambiance," he explains.

"These experiences allow a person to travel beyond Genting, therefore in a sense we act as a doorway to new experiences. We are many places within one destination.” 

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