Genting Club welcomes new chef
Penang-born Mandy Goh has worked all over Asia and now returns home
Posted Wednesday, 08/07/2015 at 12:45 PM
Penang-born Mandy Goh has worked all over Asia and now returns home
There is an exciting fresh menu at the Genting Club, Resorts World Genting, courtesy of the new head chef, Mandy Goh. She was born in Penang, but until recently was working in Macau after picking up experience at the finest establishments all over the South East Asian region and beyond.
Meet the new chef

At only 27 years of age, Chef Mandy has an enormous amount of potential and hopes to continue what has been, so far in her career, a learning experience. With a cooking style that is mainly based around Western dishes using ultra-fresh local ingredients, her creations pay homage to a career that has seen her work in five-star hotels across Malaysia, China, Macau and Singapore, while participating in prestigious competitions across Europe. In a relatively short time span, she has won acclaim all over the world with awards such as gold medals in both the Bocuse d’Or Asia and Bocuse d’Or Malaysia. This is extremely impressive for somebody who found a love of cooking almost by accident.
“I never knew what I wanted to be growing up,” she says. “I knew that I didn’t like to study and so I tried not to think about my future at all, until I got to 19 or 20 and found something that I really wanted to do.”
With no chefs previously in her family, it was only while studying for an engineering degree that she found her calling as somebody who loved to experiment in the kitchen.
“When I was a student, I think 17 or 18, I didn’t like studying in class but I used to always cook for my classmates. I cooked a lot of local food and from there, I realised I had more interest to spend time learning how to cook.”
Food that is simple, but in a spectacular way
With the simple approach of good food cooked well and served in an uncomplicated fashion, to have a meal prepared by Chef Mandy is everything a diner can hope for. Using fresh ingredients and succulent strips of meat, hers is a menu ripe with mouth-watering flavours, all of which is prepared before your eyes in the revealing open kitchen concept at LTITUDE.
Her three-course menu begins with a cold poached lobster served with spring vegetables, tomato and bouillon – as delightfully light and crisp as starters come, setting the standard for the rest of the meal. The lobster is cooked to perfection in its juicy tenderness, kept moist by the refreshing bouillon.
The main course is the real highlight of proceedings – a slow-cooked sirloin steak served with baby vegetables, corn puree and a cheese snow. This is a clever reverse on the common French method of preparing steak, which is to oven-bake or grill before frying. Instead, Chef Mandy gives the steak its succulence through grilling first then slow-cooking in an oven for 20 minutes. While she admits she has never prepared a cheese snow prior to joining the Genting Club, the lightness of the powdery condiment works flawlessly with the steak, leaving the impression that it is a dish perfected over years of practice.
The dessert of panna cotta, citrus fruit and chocolate pays further tribute to her love of Western and offers up the perfect sweet ending to the elegant three-course menu. The zesty citrus fruits and the light-as-a-cloud panna cotta combine to test every corner of your palate, without any one flavour being overbearing. The perfect ending to a delicious-yet-unassuming menu that will have you clamouring for more.
Exclusively luxurious
Exclusivity reaches new heights at the Genting Club, where Ltitude Restaurant, Bar & Lounge and the spectacular 360 Bar offer magnificent entertainment options to the privileged guests. Membership to the facilities is by invitation only, reserved for a highly distinguished select few, although the restaurant will be open to the public during the much-anticipated Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) month. Be sure to head to LTITUDE during October to see how members pass the hours in total luxury, while dining on the fine food prepared by Chef Mandy. Alongside Chef Mandy’s a la carte menu, the restaurant operates several separate tasting sections, each with a unique style of global cuisine and with their own open kitchens for the curious. The Japanese section is manned by Chef Ikuo Umeda and his delicious seafood creations; the Spanish station presents Madrid-style tapas with an abundance of Mediterranean plants and vegetables; and the Chinese department sees Chef Yi Jun Hu prepare some nine handmade dishes, the centrepiece of which is the La Mien – hand-pulled noodles.
Chef Mandy will be overseeing all of these stations simultaneously, while seeing her own sumptuous menu being enjoyed throughout by the discerning group of gourmands. With MIGF 2015 just around the corner, Chef Mandy is in at the deep end, but with the spirit of youth and an infectiously energetic manner in the kitchen, she cannot wait to get started and test herself against Klang Valley’s best.
“MIGF is very exciting but I know it will be very challenging for me, because this is my first time in the competition,” she opines. As the countdown to October begins, one young chef is ready and waiting with a delicious menu that will prove to be very popular throughout the Festival Month.
For more information on Resorts World Genting and all their outlets, including LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar and Lounge and Chef Mandy Goh herself, visit www.rwgenting.com
Chef Mandy Goh photos courtesy of Resorts World Genting.

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