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La Scala plays host to a group of celebrity diners
Posted Sunday, 12/07/2015 at 18:35 PM
La Scala plays host to a group of celebrity diners

A Touch of Grace, A Dash of Passion La Scala

NAMED AFTER THE FAMED opera house in Milan, guests at La Scala, helmed by Chef Nicola Bruno, knew they were in for a virtuoso peformance as Chef Nicola brings a wealth of fiery Sicilian passion and experience to the kitchen.

The diners sit down to their delightful meal

Transformed by restaurant owner, Nilou de Luca Gabrielli, into a luxurious dining haven complete with Italian imported fixtures, the swanky eatery is as impressive as its namesake and has quickly risen to the top of the Italian restaurant ranks in KL.

As the group sat down at the table, the air was thick with excitement as diners, having been taken through the menu, were eager to tuck into the incredible Italian feast ahead.

Chef Bruno Nicolino fires away a plate. His restaurant in Beligum, Senza Nome, is the only Italian restaurant in the country with a Michelin star

Our ‘grand opera’ began with a silky Italian cheese leading quickly into heavenly slices of slender tuna belly with shavings of salted, cured fish roe. The mains started with Chef Bruno’s special lasagnetta followed by the ossobuco alla ‘verdi’, which proved to be a firm favourite with the group.


Dessert was Chef Bruno’s take on the classic tiramisu served with parfait grappa miele e zafferano – a lavishly frozen creation made with honey and saffron. The entire group applauded Chef Bruno’s sweet ending, bringing the meal to a perfect operatic conclusion.

Tunku Naquiyuddin congratulating the restaurant on behalf of all guests

Guests then received a miniature bottle of homemade chocolate liqueur and classic limoncello, each serving as a fitting digestive after such a wonderful performance.

The elite set of gourmands ready to sample La Scala’s delicious menu

La Scala
WHERE Lot 183 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (off Jalan Mayang) Tel 03 2161



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