Dying of Laughter
It’s a duel to the death between Malaysia and Singapore – in the arena of comedy!
Posted Wednesday, 29/04/2015 at 15:16 PM
It’s a duel to the death between Malaysia and Singapore – in the arena of comedy!

The Malaysia-Singapore friendly rivalry is one that has raged since time immemorial, covering all subjects from food and sports to festivals and shopping. This May, however, the spotlight shifts to a new question: Which country has the funniest comedians?

The Laugh Die You show, hosted by Popcorn Studios, aims to settle the debate once and for all. Named after a popular Cantonese phrase ‘siu sei lei’ that literally translates as ‘laughing until you die’, the show will see two champions of comedy go head-to-head in an epic battle for the most laughs on the night!

In The Malaysia Corner: Douglas Lim
This multitalented performer was a singer-songwriter, local television actor, and even an emcee before stand-up comedy was ever suggested. He ‘bombed’ the first six shows, but caught the eye of Malaysia’s comedy ‘Godfather’ – Harith Iskander – and has never looked back since.

Deriving his inspiration from everyday moments in life, Lim’s relatable sense of humour forms a potent pairing with his acting talent, earning him diverse roles in high-profile local productions. Most notably, he co-founded the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) in 2009 with Phoon Chi Ho, Jason Leong and Kuah Jenhan.

In The Singapore Corner: Kumar
Kumar is a well-known personality in the Southeast Asian comedy circuit, and for good reason. The down-to-earth, straight-talking comedian’s claim to fame is his unapologetic drag queen persona, but he’s got the razor wit to match his sharp – and more often than not risqué! – outfits.

His brand of humour pokes fun at all sorts of subjects, ranging from the traditional to the titillating as he switches smoothly from anecdotes about his conservative Indian family to unashamed banter about sex and sexuality. With nearly two decades of performing under his belt, Kumar is a veteran entertainer and even has a biography out entitled Kumar: From Rags To Drag.

But There’s More!
As if two national heavyweights of humour weren’t enough, the show will be hosted by Gurmit Singh as his well-loved alter ego Phua Chu Kang, the yellow-booted contractor star of the popular Singaporean sitcom.

Joining him is homegrown wisecracker Rizal van Geyzel as the opening act, while local rock band Hydra will close out the night with a thumping afterparty gig.

Be prepared for tears (of laughter) and stitches (in your side); this clash of comics will leave no survivors!

Laugh Die You
WHERE HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 14-15 May (8pm)
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