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The Harvard Krokodiloes are set to make a splash in Sunway
Posted Monday, 06/07/2015 at 14:34 PM
The Harvard Krokodiloes are set to make a splash in Sunway

Music soothes the savage beast, as they say; but what if the ‘savage beast’ is the one making the music?
Despite adopting the Greek name of the fearsome crocodile as their moniker, the only thing shocking about the
Harvard Krokodiloes is their amazing vocal talent. The oldest and most prestigious a cappella singing group
of Harvard University has performed in more than a hundred countries since its inception in 1946, and come
July, that list will finally include Malaysia.
Brought to you by the Sunway Education Group and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, the Krokodiloes feature 12 of
the best vocalists that Harvard has to offer, counting luminaries like composer-lyricist Laurence O’Keefe and Miles Fisher of the Mad Men series among their number.
Traditionally, their repertoire is derived primarily from the Great American Songbook, which is considered the standard of the most influential American pop songs and jazz numbers of the 20th century and includes classics like “L-OV-E” by Nat King Cole and “In The Mood” by Glenn Miller.
‘A cappella’ is Italian for ‘in the manner of the church’, and refers to solo or group singing without instrumental accompaniment. Armed with only their sharp tuxedos and their smooth voices, the Krokodiloes have serenaded princes and presidents live as well as recording more than 30 albums throughout their nearly seven-decade history.
The Malaysian leg of the the Krokodiloes’ annual 10-week, six-continent summer world tour this year will feature more than just a powerful performance as Sunway University will also be holding a charity auction dinner, a vocal Masterclass and a conversation with them about life at Harvard University.
For those aspiring to hone their vocal prowess or learn about life in one of the world’s leading universities, there’ssurely no better source than to hear it straight from the crocodile’s mouth! Proceeds from all events will go towards the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholars and the MERCY Malaysia relief efforts in Nepal.
Don’t let Peter Pan’s ticking crocodile be the only musical reptile in your life! Learn to croon like a Krok on the afternoon of the 3rd, catch a conversation with them on the morning of the 4th and swoon as they serenade you in the evening.
As the Krok motto goes, now is the time to sing – and sing they shall!
Harvard Krokodiloes Musical World Tour (Malaysia)
WHERE Sunway University
WHEN 3 and 4 July
ADMISSION Varies depending on event
sunway.edu.my/university/ harvard-kroks


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