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With a raft of new gardens taking root this year, the Royal Floria Putrajaya promises a breathtaking seasonal showcase like no other
Posted Tuesday, 05/05/2015 at 6:46 AM
With a raft of new gardens taking root this year, the Royal Floria Putrajaya promises a breathtaking seasonal showcase like no other

In excess of 400,000 flowering plants will colour the grounds of Malaysia’s majestic flower and garden festival, the Royal Floria Putrajaya, this month at its new permanent home, Anjung Floria.The event has become one of the country’s most iconic and frequently photographed affairs, with visitors flocking to the administrative capital to bask in its dazzling displays.

This year’s theme, ‘A Tapestry of Hues’, not only pays tribute to the multitude of tendered gardens created solely for the festival, but also complements the colours that inundate Putrajaya’s lush landscape. Taking centre stage among the tapestry is the lily, this year’s thematic flower, and you can expect a showcase of the species in a dizzying variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

Seasonal Zones
A highlight this year will be the newly added spring and winter gardens, which will not only boast flowers found in these temperate climates, but also simulate environmental conditions in each.

Don’t be surprised if it starts snowing while you wander through the winter garden, relishing the roses, tulips, pansies and snapdragons. These would indeed be the first outdoor spring and winter gardens in a flower show in Malaysia so don’t miss these cooling areas.

The resplendent Royal Garden will also make its debut, carrying the concept of ‘The Legacy of a Customs Land’ and translating the intricate motifs of the Seri Menanti palace in Negri Sembilan into an incredibly ornate garden. Also on show this year are the Innovation Garden, Cats Garden, Kids Gardens and the Tea Party Garden where you can savour a smattering of cupcakes, muffins, biscuits and scones.

Bouquet of Activities
Floral designers and landscape architects from around the world will be competing in the Royal Floria Putrajaya International Cup and the Royal Floria Putrajaya Garden Cup for indoor and outdoor gardens respectively. These highly creative gardens push the boundaries of horticulture and showcase what landscaping can achieve.

The Floral Pavilion, an expansive air-conditioned marquee, also returns which will house the newly formed Embassy Row. This row will feature the various magnificent native flowers found in the respective countries of each curated embassy garden. Over 300 activities take place daily on the grounds, including gardening workshops and floral arrangement demonstrations.

There’s plenty to see and do – so much so that you’ll need the full nine days in order to really take in everything the Royal Floria Putrajaya has to offer!

Royal Floria Putrajaya
When Anjung Floria, Putrajaya
Where 9am-10pm (30 May - 7 June)
Admission Free
Tel 03 8887 7137
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