“No Sex Please, We’re British”
London’s perennial favourite cracks up KL!
Posted Friday, 29/05/2015 at 1:14 AM
London’s perennial favourite cracks up KL!

The rip-roaring Royal Charity Gala performance of “No Sex Please, We’re British” at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 19 May 2015 was well-received by the audience of KL’s elegant elite. Under the patronage of HE British High Commissioner, who was represented by the Deputy Head of Mission, the evening was hosted by BMCC (British Malaysian Chamber Commerce) & MCBC (Malaysian Canadian Business Council). After a delicious dinner, the witty repartee of this well-known and much-loved British farce soon brought loud laughter from the usually reserved crowd.

The two-act play is set in the upstairs flat above a branch of the National Union Bank, in a very respectable town in the Thames Valley. The bank’s assistant manager, Peter Hunter (Harry Livingstone), has just moved in there with his new wife Frances (Sarah-Jayne Butler). Frances sends off for some Scandinavian glassware via mail order but something completely different is delivered! The box was brought to the flat by the bank’s chief cashier and good friend of Peter Hunter, Brian Runnicles (Nick Wilton), who accidentally discovers that the box is filled with pornographic photos! The three characters rack their brains on how to dispose of them, with hilarious consequences.
Just when they think they have disposed of the photos, two more boxes arrive, one after another. The second is full of books of pornography and the third, with video tapes of porn! Throw into the mix Peter’s mother (Lynette McMorrough), his boss, Leslie Bromhead (John Faulkner, who is also the producer of the show), a bank inspector, Mr Needham (Clive Flint) and a police superintendent (Alister Cameron, who is also the director of the show) who likes to drop by and the whole situation threatens to get out of hand. It couldn’t possibly get worse, could it? But of course, it does. The company which sent the porn thinks that its customer is not happy with the products so sends two ladies of the night (Lisa Hurst and Adele Oni) to the flat!
Written in 1971 by Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot, this play is representative of that era, when pornography was illegal and its possession a very real threat to any one’s reputation and career. Although that law had changed in the UK by now, it does not make the farce any less funny.
London's longest-ever running comedy with 16 years in the West End was presented to Kuala Lumpur by Green Rubber and produced by British Theatre Playhouse, with a stellar all-British cast. Promoted by Homme Productions, the show was in Kuala Lumpur for four nights only, beginning with the Royal Charity Gala performance.

Funds raised from this charitable evening went towards Intaz & Bakasa’s new CINTAA project – The Centre of Innovation Tengku Ampuan Afzan, championed by YAM Tengku Puteri Seri Lela Wangsa Pahang, Hajjah Tengku Tan Sri Dr Meriam Binti Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah and YAM Tengku Puteri Seri Teja Pahang, Hajjah Tengku Muhaini Binti Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah. CINTAA aims to promote technology-based learning and exchanging of ideas as well as establish a platform to develop and improve children’s scientific and technological literacy.

This was truly a great evening of the best of British farce, where fun and fund-raising was perfectly combined!

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